The little blog that could…

People sometimes start blogs, write a few posts and then they die away. I’ve taken a slightly different route. I started this blog in June of 2007 and has since then not written a single post. Not one… Until now… So now that I’ve decided to resurrect it 5 years later, I’m curious to see if I can keep it alive. I suspect that before to long I’ll start treating it like I treat my Twitter account. That is, long periods of nothing followed by days of super intense posting every now and then (usually when at workshops, conferences or other gatherings).

Some of you finding your way here already know me as a software tester. That’s good, because that’s what I intend to blog about here, so you don’t have to spend time getting to know me a second time around. If you know me as anything other than a software tester then you probably won’t get much out of following me through this forum. But I’ll still be your friend on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Entaggle or some other social media if you’d like. Or maybe even in *gasp* real life.

That’s it for now. First post done. There will be more to follow. Soon.

Or will there?

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