I’m Johan Jonasson, a consulting software tester, trainer, speaker and coach from Sweden. I work out of Link√∂ping, Sweden as an independent consultant. If you want to contact me, drop me an email at johan (at) johanjonasson (dot) com, or check out my About.me for more ways to get in touch.

Welcome to my blog. I write mainly about software testing and topics related to software testing. Wait, come back! It’s not as boring as it sounds. In fact, to get good at software testing, you need to study a vast number of fascinating fields, from computer science and other technical stuff, to cognitive science, psychology, philosophy and other social sciences. Testing itself is about continuous learning, and as a tester, you rarely learn something that you can’t apply to software testing. I’ve been working in the field since 2006 and I’m constantly learning new things that I find useful. I’ll write about them and chances are, maybe you’ll find them useful too, in whatever field you may be working.


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